Theme: Conflict between an old established writer and a promising young one
Number of characters: 2 female, 2 male
Number of acts: 9
Setting: A parlour, a bedroom
Time: 1890
Written in: 1988


The young writer Chekhov and his wife Olga come to visit the estate of the aged writer Tolstoy, where he lives with his wife Sophia. Tolstoy soon tries to seduce the young Olga, while Sophia tries her wiles on the young Chekhov. There is a conflict between the old writer and his young colleague. A play packed with irony, humour and a feeling of lonesomeness.

The play had its premiere at the &TD [Etc.] Theatre in Zagreb in 1990, and it has been translated into English, German, Czech, Polish, Slovakian, Macedonian, French, Russian, Spanish, Flamish, Dutch, Albanian and Ukrainian. It has had 14 premieres to date.

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