Theme: Thespian life and death
Number of characters: 1 female, 1 male
Number of acts: 2
Setting: A theatre stage
Time: Spring 1994
Written in: 1994


A sixty-year-old amateur actor has for a full forty years been following the life and work of Croatia’s greatest theatre actress. When her career fades, he invites her to a retirement home to play together with him in a play that he has written for the two of them. Rehearsing the play, they both compile inventories of their own lives – which have unexpectedly flared up since they have been together. The drama is drenched in emotion but is also full of humour. The sole characters are Tom and Eva. Premiered at the Epilogue Theatre in Zagreb in 1995, with three other premieres to date, and another two in preproduction. Translated into English, Slovakian, French, Russian, Czech and Maharathi. Performed in six various theatres.

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