Theme: Sexuality and power
Number of characters: 2 male, 1 female
Number of acts: A one-act play, 7 scenes
Setting: A psychiatrist’s consulting room; a hotel room
Time: 1919
Written in: 1993


This grotesque takes place in Vienna in 1919. The thirty-year-old Adolf Hitler comes to Sigmund Freud’s consulting room with his girlfriend Christine, looking for help. Their sex life is not developing as Adolf would wish. Freud agrees to treat these unusual patients but it is not long before unexpectedly unpleasant things start happening. The characters of the young dictator-to-be and the world’s most famous psychiatrist are depicted with a great deal of humour.

The play was first performed at the Zagreb Youth Theatre in 1994. Dr. Freud’s Patient has been translated into German, English, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Greek, Albanian, Czech, and Ukrainian. Performed in 12 various theatres.

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