Theme: A bogus love triangle
Number of characters: 2 (female)
Number of acts: 1
Setting: Mount Vernon, Virginia
Time: January 14, 1800, noon
Written in: 1988


A month after the death of the great President, his widow Martha invites her husband’s mistress, Sylvia Carver, to visit her. In the dramatic encounter, full of emotion, the two rivals for the first time tell each other the truth, and uncover the past in a completely new light. The powerful struggle between the wife and the mistress leads the audience into an unexpected turnabout. The play gives the actresses an opportunity for building of the strong characters. The play was first performed in the &TD Theatre in Zagreb in 1988, and has been performed to date in 31 different theatres. It has been translated into English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Esperanto, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Slo- vakian, Albanian, Czech, Greek, Persian and Russian.

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