Theme: Anti-globalisation, globalisation and the new anarchism
Number of characters: 2 male, 2 female
Number of acts: 14 scenes
Setting: A living room
Time: Beginning of the 21st centur
Written in: 2002/2003


This drama takes place in one of the European countries in transition. The hero is thirty-one year old Igor, who is against globalisation and is prepared to fight for a new world in any way he can. His brother Robert, who is fourteen years older, struggled against Socialism when he was a young man, but has now become a conformist. Igor returns to his homeland with his fiancée, Maria. His brother Robert and Robert’s wife Stella don’t like Igor’s radical views about globalisation and anti-globalisation because they fear he could threaten their careers and their family well-being.

The play was premiered at the &TD Theatre in Zagreb in 2004. It has been translated into English, Italian, Slovakian, Polish, Japanese, German and French. Performed in five various theatres.

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