Theme: A case of bigamy
Number of characters: 2 (male)
Number of acts: 1
Setting: A kitchen
Time: The present
Written in: 1989, and then in 1991


Two men are married to the same woman for five years, without either of them know- ing anything about the other. How can that be? – Well, it can, because the wife works as an attendant on a train, and alternatively lives for two days with her Slovenian husband in Ljubljana, and then for two days with her Dalmatian husband in Split. One day her Slovenian husband finds his wife’s marriage certificate in the lining of her winter coat, and learns that she has another husband. He does not tell her that he has found out about her secret, but after two months travels to Split to speak with “his wife’s husband”. The two of them have to agree on how to continue their lives. A comic rivalry soon develops between them, as they struggle for the right to be their wife’s husband.

This comedy was first performed at the Four G’s Theatre in Zagreb in 1991. The play has been translated into English, Slovenian, Slovakian, Polish, German, Hindi, Latvian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Albanian, Russian and Czech. It has had 27 premieres to date

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