Theme: love, friendship, careers…
Number of characters: 3 (female)
Number of acts: 15 scenes
Setting: a living room, a kindergarten, a retirement home, and a graveyard
Time: the present
Written in: 1999/2000


Each of the three female members of the cast plays five roles. The play has an unusual structure in which five life stories – all about women – alternate and interweave. One story concerns two sisters who are at loggerheads because of the man they both love – and there is also the question of their mother… The second story is also about two women who are exceptionally close, until their relationship undergoes a crisis when a third woman comes into their lives. Then there is the story of secretaries working for the same firm; about three little girls who go to kindergarten together; and old ladies living in a retirement home.

The play had its first night at the Epilogue Theatre in Zagreb in 2000. Since then it has had 48 premieres. Translated into English, Czech, Slovakian, Portuguese, Polish, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Rumanian and French.

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