The GAVRANFEST is a theatre festival at which productions are staged of dramas and comedies by the Croatian author, Miro Gavran. The festival was launched in 2003 in the city of Trnava at the Slovakian Theatre JANA PALARIKA, which hosted four editions, until 2013 when it was moved to the LUDOWY Theatre in Krakow, Poland, while as of 2016 it is held in Prague, Czech Republic and in February 2019 was held in Sensemble Theatre in Augsburg, Germany whilst the 11th GavranFest in 2020. was held in Belgrade, Serbia.
Gavran is the only living author in Europe to have a theatre festival devoted to his plays, which is held regularly outside of his homeland.
The idea for holding the GAVRANFEST came from Emil Nedielka, manager of the Jan Palarik Theatre in Trnava and Michal Babiak, theatre director and university professor from Bratislava. They also select the plays to be performed each year.

The FIRST GAVRANFEST was held in 2003, with five Slovakian theatre companies taking part, with performances of the following:

The SECOND GAVRANFEST followed in October, 2004 and its selectors, Messrs Babiak and Nedielka, made it an international event, so that theatres from Poland, France, Slovenia and Croatia took part, along with Slovakian theatres. Performances were given of the following plays:

  • ALL ABOUT WOMEN, Jan Palarik Theatre, Trnava, Slovakia
  • CHEKOV SAYS GOOD-BYE TO TOLSTOY, Cheminas Paralleles Theatre and Ecole Florant, Paris, France
  • FORGET ABOUT HOLLYWOOD, Slovakian Chamber Theatre, Martin, Slovakia
  • MY WIFE’S HUSBAND, LUDOWY Theatre, Krakow, Poland
  • CREONT’S ANTIGONE and GEORGE WASHINGTON’S LOVES, Slovenian National Theatre, Celje, Slovenia
  • HOW TO KILL THE PRESIDENT, ITD Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia

The THIRD GAVRANFEST was held in October, 2006 in Trnava and retainined its international character, so that as well as theatres from Slovakia, theatre companies from the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia were there, while the German S’ensemble Theatre from Augsburg, Germany had to cancel its performance of HOW TO KILL THE PRESIDENTT just before the beginning of the festival… Fifteen theatre companies applied to take part, while the selectors, Michal Babiak and Emil Nedielka, finally invited the following theatres and their productions to participate:

  • ALL ABOUT MEN, Jan Palarik Theatre, Trnava, Slovakia
  • GEORGE WASHINGTON’S LOVES, National Theatre, Brno, Czech Republic
  • WANTED ó A NEW HUSBAND, WEST Theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • ALL ABOUT WOMEN, Ljubljana City Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • DEATH OF AN ACTOR, Jona¡a Zaborskeho Theatre, Pre¡ovo, Slovakia
  • LAUGHING PROHIBITED, GAVRAN Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia

The FOURTH GAVRANFEST took place in February, 2009. Five theatres from five countries took place and the Festival was held over five days. The selector was Emil Nedielka, and the following plays were performed:

  • HENPECKED HUSBANDS, GAVRAN Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia
  • ALL ABOUT WOMEN, STUDIO TWO Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
  • ALL ABOUT MEN, LUDOWY Theatre, Krakow, Poland
  • FORGET HOLLYWOOD, BRETT Theatre, Vienna, Austria
  • ALL ABOUT MEN, Jan Palarik Theatre, Trnava, Slovakia

The FIFTH GAVRANFEST took place in July, 2013 in Poland. It was organized by the famed theater LUDOWY of Krakow, whose stage in the city center (Scena Pod Ratuszem/Ratuszem Town Hall) hosted the festival, whose selectors are Jacek Stram, artistic director of Theatre LUDOWY and Anna Wierzchowska Wozniak, Theatre LUDOWY’s dramaturg. Six theatres presented plays by Miro Gavran in six days:

  • ALL ABOUT WOMEN, Theatre BADOW, Badow & Theatre Nowy Lodz, Poland
  • HOTEL BABYLON, Theatre LUDOWY, Krakow, Poland
  • DR. FREUD’S PATIENT, Theater GAVRAN, Zagreb, Croatia
  • ALL ABOUT WOMEN, Theater LUDOWY, Krakow, Poland
  • GEORGE WASHINGTON’S LOVES, Theater LA MY, Prague, Czech Republic
  • MY WIFE’S HUSBAND, Poniedzialek Stage/Primoart Agency, Szczecin, Poland

The SIXTH GAVRANFEST will be held April 4th to 8th, 2016 in Prague in the Czech Republic. The festival organizers are the famous JÁRA CIMRMAN Theater in Žižkov, the LASTAVICA Association, and the Troníček Theater Club, all from Prague. The selector and producer of the festival, František Karoch, has chosen seven performances from five theaters, for this year’s festival:

  • “Hotel Babylon”, Gavran Theater, Zagreb
  • “The Doll”, Dvorni Divadlo, Hlohovec
  • “Ice Cream”, Gavran Theater, Zagreb
  • “No Laughing Allowed”, Theater 3D, Prague
  • “All About Women”, a ceremonial premiere, A. Dvorak Theater, Pribram
  • “Night of the Gods”, Komorni Činohra, Prague
  • “Dr. Freud’s Patient,” Komorni Činohra, Prague

The SEVENTH GAVRANFEST, the theatre festival dedicated to performing plays by Miro Gavran, will be held from April 5th to 10th, 2017 in Prague, the Czech Republic. This year’s festival will include performances by theatres from Bratislava, Prague, Zagreb and Belgrade. In addition to theatre performances, promotions of books by Miro Gavran in Czech will be arranged, under the title “New comedies from Croatia and the occasional drama”, translated by Jaroslava Otčenašek and František Karoch; there will be a round table discussion at the Prague Faculty of Philosophy UK, titled “Miro Gavran, the theatre author in a European and global context”, which will be hosted by theatrologists from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Croatia; Miro Gavran will hold a literary meeting to present his new novel, “A Few Birds and One Sky”; and the festival will host the ceremonial 500th performance of the Gavran comedy “All About Men”, which has already been running for nine years in Prague. The festival organizers are the LASTAVICA Association from Prague, Theater STUDIO DVA from Prague, and PALACE Theater, also from Prague. The festival director is Nenad Bojić. The selector and producer of the festival is František Karoch, who has chosen six plays from five theatres, for this year’s festival:

  • 5.4.2017. “All About Women”, Theater DIVA, Bratislava
  • 6.4.2017. “All About Men”, 500th gala performance, Theater STUDIO DVA, Prague
  • 7.4.2017. “Chekhov Says Good-Bye to Tolstoy”, Company 3D, Prague
  • 8.4.2017. “It’s hard to say goodbye” ,Theater VIHOR, Belgrade (with subtitles in Czech)
  • 9.4.2017. “Beer”, Gavran Theater, Zagreb (with subtitles in Czech)
  • 10.4.2017. “Ice Cream” ,Gavran Theater, Zagreb (with subtitles in Czech)

EIGHT GAVRANFEST held in Prague, Czech Republic from 5th to 9th April 2018. GavranFest is international theatrical festival. GavranFest is a theatre festival dedicated to performing dramas and comedies created by Croatian writer Miro Gavran. This year’s festival will include performances by theatres from Czech Republic, Germanu, Slovakia and Croatia. In addition to theatre performances, promotions of books by Miro Gavran in Czech and German will be arranged, there will be a round table discussion about Gavran’s literary works. It will be hosted by directors, theatrologists , actors, producers and translators who worked with Gavran’s texts.
The festival organizers are the LASTAVICA Association from Prague, Theater STUDIO DVA from Prague, and Theatre NA PRADLE, also from Prague. The festival director is Nenad Bojić. The selector and producer of the festival is František Karoch, who has chosen seven plays this year’s festival:

  • 5.4.2018. “George Washington’s Loves”, GavranFest production, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 6.4.2018. “The Doll”, Sensemble theater, Augsburg, Germany
  • 7.4.2018. “Forget About Hollywood”, Theatre GAVRAN, Zagreb, Croatia
  • “Laughing Prohibited”, Divadlo DIALOG, Plzenj, Czech Republic
  • 8.4.2018. “Animal Doctor”, Theatre GAVRAN, Zagreb, Croatia
  • “Wanted – A New Husband”, Divadlo GEDUR, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 9.4.2018. “All About Men”, Divadlo Studio DVA, Prague, Czech Republic

The NINTH GAVRANFEST, the international theatre festival which exclusively features plays by the Croatian author Miro Gavran, will take place 1-3 February 2019 in the Sensemble Theatre in Ausburg, Germany. The producers of the festival, Anne Schuester and Sebastian Seidel, have invited five productions from Austria, Croatia and Germany. They have also organised two round tables where directors, actors, theatrologists, and translators will speak about Gavran’s work.

  • 1.2.2019. 
    • The Doll, Sensemble Theatre (Augsburg, Germany)
  • 2.2.2019. 
    • Pontius Pilate, Theatre Und So Fort (Munich, Germany)
    • Ice Cream, Theatre Gavran (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • 3.2.2019.
    • Beer, Sensemble Theatre, (Augsburg, Germany)
    • Laughing Prohibited, Theatre Center Forum (Vienna, Austria)

The TENTH international GAVRANFEST was held from the 7th to the 12th of October 2019 in Prague in Czech Republic. Theatres from six countries took part: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Albania, Serbia, Hungary and Croatia. The selector and producer is František Karoch and the festival’s director is Nenad Bojić.

  • 07.10.2019. | „All About Women“, Theatre Studio Dva, Praha, Czech
  • 08.10.2019. | „Shakespeare and Elizabeth“, City theatre Trenčín, Slovakia
  • 09.10.2019. | „Henpecked“ Teatro „Pietro Marko“, Vlora, Albania
  • 10.10.2019. | „Ice-Cream“ National theatre Niš, Serbia
  • 11.10.2019. | „The Doll“  Theatre Karinthy, Budapest, Hungary
  • 12.10.2019. | „How Dad Won Mum” Theatre Žar ptica, Zagreb, Croatia and „The Tycoons“  Theatre Histrion, Zagreb, Croatia

After Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, the ELEVENTH GAVRANFEST was held in Belgrade, Serbia, from October 22nd to 25th, 2020 at the Madlenianum Theater. The initiator and the director of the festival is Madlen Zepter, and the festival’s selector Ana Zdravković Radivojević inviting the following performances:

  • “Night of the Gods”, Theatre Tri glumca, Belgrade, Serbia
  • “It’s Hard to say Goodbye”, Theatre Vihor, Belgrade, Serbia
  • “Ice-cream”, National theatre Niš, Niš, Srbija
  • “Beer”, Theatre Madlenianum , Belgrade, Serbia  
  • “Hotel Babilon”, Theatre Gavran, Zagreb, Croatia

Note: Due to the sickness of the actress, the play “It’s Hard to say Goodbye” was performed at the Madlenianum theatre on the February 5th 2021.

The 12th GavranFest, organized by Czech-Croatian Association was held in Prague 14-17 10 2021 where theatres from 4 countries performed 6 Gavran’s plays.
Following the selector and producer František Karoch’s concept, the festival was opened by the hosting theatre STUDIO DVA from Prague with Gavran’s play ALL ABOUT MEN with brand new cast directed by Jana Janekova.
14 10 ALL ABOUT MEN, STUDIO DVA, Prague, Češka
16 10   THE DOLL, City Theatre Trenčin, Trenčin, Slovakia
17 10  MY WIFE’S HUSBAND, Croatian Theatre Pečuh, Hungary
17 10  THE RETURN OF MY WIFE’S HUSBAND, Croatian Theatre Pečuh, Hungary
21 10 “THE HENPECKED, Southern Czech Theatres , Češke Budjovice, Czech
15 12  ALL ABOUT MEN Teatar GAVRAN, Zagreb, Croatia, the play was performed dislocated (Pečuh) due to the pandemic circumstances.


The thirteenth GavranFest will be held 17-19 March 2022 in Senseble Theater in Augsburg, Germany. It’s an international theatre festival with plays by Miro Gavran, Croatian writer.

The festival selectors and organizers Anne Schuster i Sebastian Seidel invited five theatres from three countries, Romania, Germany, Croatia with theatres from Bucharest, Augsburg Munich and Zagreb.

The festival opens with the premiere of ICECREAM produced by the host – Senseble Theater.

Along with theatre performances, there will also be a presentation of Gavran’s collection of plays in German called ONE DRAMA AND FOUR COMEDIES in translations by Tihomir Glowatsky, Ljerka Orešković Herrmann and Ludwig Steindorff. There will also be three after-performance talk sessions with the author and ensembles.

Commenting the Festival, Gavran said: ‘I’m incredibly happy to have this Festival in Senseble Theatre after three postponing caused by the pandemic. I’ve been having a wonderful cooperation with this this theatre for fifteen years. I’m looking forward to meet again the actors and directors who worked on my plays, and of course the German audience.

Festival Programme:

17 03 “ICECREAM” Sensemble Theater, Augsburg, Germany

18 03 “CREONT’S ANTIGONE” Theatre UND SO FORT, Munich, Germany

18 03 “COFFEE AT NOON”, Theatre GAVRAN, Zagreb, Croatia

19 03 “Chekhov Says Good-bye to Tolstoy “, Sensemble Theater Augsburg, Germany

19 03 “ALL ABOUT WOMEN” Teatru Arte dell’ Anima, Bucharest, Romania