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Get to know the life, achievements, and insights of Miro Gavran's journey through his biography, accolades, and captivating interviews.

Miro Gavran's Biography

Explore the captivating journey of Miro Gavran, from his early beginnings to becoming a renowned literary figure, playwright, and novelist.

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Interviews with Miro Gavran

Delve into insightful interviews with Miro Gavran, where he shares his perspectives, inspirations, and the creative process behind his literary and theatrical masterpieces.

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Miro Gavran's Recognitions and Achievements


Dr. Alois Mock Europa-Preis

Awarded for promoting European values and unity


European Circle

Exceptional contribution of promoting European values


IBBY Honor List

Forgotten Son was selected for the IBBY HONOUR LIST 2002


Best Central European Writer of the Year

Central European Time International Literary Award

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Critics about Miro Gavran

“Miro Gavrans play "All About Men" has been seen by over half a million people worldwide; be among them as soon as possible!"”

“In spite of the differences in storytelling and the distinctiveness of the created characters, the narrative is fluent, understandable, and smooth, thereby confirming Miro Gavran's high level of literary skill.”

Referring to Gavrans novel “Portrait of a Soul”, Novi List, 10.10.2023.

“The author strongly criticises the idea that love can be bought or rented as a service, as seen through the plot of the comedy in which lonely people engage to play roles in intimate relationships. This is perceived as a critique of the market commodification of emotions and intimate relationships."

Referring to Gavrans play "Agency for Happiness"

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