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From comedy to drama, his engaging plays delve into human relationships and emotions. Dive into his creations and experience the magic of storytelling on stage.



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List of Selected Miro Gavran's Plays since 1983.

Praise for  Gavran's Plays

Explore what critics and audiences have to say about Miro Gavran's theatrical masterpieces.

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"All About Men has been seen by over half a million people worldwide; be among them as soon as possible!"


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"A few minutes into the play, the stage, the lights and the audience all melted away. Only the actors on stage remained."


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"All About Men is a refreshing performance that vividly portrays various relationships among men, in which everyone can find something for themselves."

Lara Kontent

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"The Doll, it’s a funny, charming and heartwarming story in either Croatian or English, on the Adriatic Coast or in San Pedro."


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"Great actors! The play is superb!!! Laughter to tears."

M. D.

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"Really great performance, my 11-year-old son enjoyed it. He wants to come again, and he will.

A. P.

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