The Henpecked

A man's unexpected return from jail disrupts his ex-wife's life as he starts living with her and her second husband, leading to a comedic rivalry and various trials and tribulations.


In this unusual comedy, the plot develops when a middle-aged woman, now married to her second husband, experiences the return from jail of her first.He has unexpectedly been released from jail because it has been proven that he was innocent all the time. Since he has nowhere to live, the man starts to live in his ex-wife’s flat with his former wife and her second husband.This all gets on the nerves of the wife, while the men even become friends. Naturally enough, this situation leads to all sorts of conflicts and various trials and tribulations.Translated into English, Russian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, and German.This play was premiered by Theater GAVRAN in Zagreb in 2007. It has had 4 premieres to date.In 2013, a film based on the comedy and titled How to Steal a Wife was made in Vilnius in Lithuania.

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