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Miro Gavran with people at the GavranFest

GavranFest 2023. - Prague, Czech Republic

Crowd at a GavranFest

GavranFest 2023. - Prague, Czech Republic

Miro Gavran on the stage with people at the GavranFest

GavranFest 2023. - Prague, Czech Republic

About GavranFest

The GAVRANFEST is a theatre festival where productions are staged of dramas and comedies by the Croatian author Miro Gavran. The festival was launched in 2003 in the city of Trnava at the Slovakian Theatre JAN PALARIK, which hosted four editions, until 2013 when it was moved to the LUDOWY Theatre in Krakow, Poland, while as of 2016 it is held in Prague, Czech Republic. In February 2019 the festival was held in Sensemble Theatre in Augsburg, Germany. The 11th GavranFest was held in Belgrade, Serbia in 2020. Then followed the 12 GavranFest, which was again held in Prague, in the Czech Republic.

The 13th GavranFest was held in 2022 again in Augsburg, Germany. The 14th GavranFest was in October 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic. The 15th GavranFest will be held in November 2024. in Munich, Germany.

Gavran is the only living author in Europe to have a theatre festival devoted to his plays, which is held regularly outside of his homeland.

The idea for holding the GAVRANFEST came from Emil Nedielka, manager of the Jan Palarik Theatre in Trnava and Michal Babiak, theatre director and university professor from Bratislava. They also select the plays to be performed each year.

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