Laughing Prohibited

A man, living with a female android, realizes his mistakes when his girlfriend leaves him, exploring the essence of wrongdoing in relationships.


After a five-year affair with a man who is 16 years older than she is, a woman of thirty-three breaks off with her lover. He returns to his wife and becomes a possessive and boring husband. He gets endlessly on his wife’s nerves and she decides one day to visit his former lover and demand that the young woman resumes the relationship with her husband. Of course, the husband is to be kept in the dark about the fact that the two women have become acquainted. Everything in this triangle is different from what we are used to in similar stories. This comedy won the Marin Držić Award given by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and was premiered by the GAVRAN Theatre in Zagreb in 2004. Performed in 9 various theaters. Translated into English, Russian, Slovakian, Polish, Lusatian-Sorbian, German, French, and Czech languages. The Croatian National Television has produced a movie based on the comedy.

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