The Doll

A man living with an android discovers the essence of his past mistakes as he realizes the truth behind his girlfriend's departure. This thought-provoking play humorously delves into the world of human-android relationships.


The play The Doll tells of a 39-year-old man whose girlfriend leaves him after a six-year relationship due to his reluctance for the marriage and child that she wants. Left alone, he cannot bear the loneliness and after a few months begins to live with a woman-doll, the latest android designed to make men happy. But the android was constructed by a female scientist, who gave some of her own views on male-female relationships to the android, so that through the playful and humorous situations undergone by this lonely man and the "doll," the audience sees the essence of wrongdoing toward women and the misunderstanding of them by today's men. In living with a "doll," the man will gradually become aware of the mistakes for which his girlfriend left him.

This play was premiered in June 2012 at the Storefront & Bench Productions in New York, USA. Translated into English, German, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Russian, Slovak, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, and Albanian.

The play has been performed in 15 theaters in the U.S.A., Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, India, Slovenia, Denmark, Cuba, Netherlands, and Australia.

Download English text hereDownload Croatian text here

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