How to Kill the President

A satirical play that examines political power, manipulation, and the absurdities of political life.


This drama takes place in one of the European countries in transition. The hero is thirty-one-year-old Igor, who is against globalization and is prepared to fight for a new world in any way he can. His brother Robert, who is fourteen years older, struggled against Socialism when he was a young man but has now become a conformist. Igor returns to his homeland with his fiancée, Maria. His brother Robert and Robert’s wife Stella don’t like Igor’s radical views about globalization and anti-globalization because they fear he could threaten their careers and their family well-being. The play was premiered at the &TD Theatre in Zagreb in 2004. It has been translated into English, Italian, Slovakian, Polish, Japanese, German, French, and Albanian. The play had six premieres.

Download English text hereDownload Croatian text here

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