The Craziest Show in the World

A monodrama where an actress plays 12 different roles, including male characters, depicting the brilliance and struggles of an actor's life.


The Craziest Show in the World is an unusual monodrama in which the only actress plays 12 different roles, some of them male roles. The story speaks of actors and their director who are working together on a new play. As they are rehearsing, there is a backdrop of lovers' and business intrigues, from actors' envy and female jealousy, which lead to intensive conflicts. Everything is presented with doses of humor in a manner that demystifies the theater and shows the brilliance and misery of the actor's life. Playing this role requires an actress of broad capabilities for brisk transformations and of physical and intellectual skill.

Miro Gavran was awarded the Marin Drzic and Ivan Raos prizes for this text.

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