The Patients

Dr. Lovro treats patients in a private psychiatric clinic through the power of music. Valentina, a retired musician, collaborates with him. Their perfect setting is disrupted by Valentina's ex-manager, leading to a clash between the power of music and the dark side of show business.


Doctor Lovro is the director of a private psychiatric clinic, and he knows that music is the best way to treat his patients.

Valentina, a famous musician who got fed up with the world of showbiz and left it to live on a deserted island, decides to help Dr. Lovro by composing music for his patients. Together, they embark on treating a colorful crowd of patients.

This perfect setting is disrupted when Valentina's ex-manager, Robert, arrives at the clinic with a tempting deal.

As Valentina and Dr. Lovro fall in love, the patients dream of becoming famous musicians, and producer Robert is willing to help them achieve that dream.

The question remains: who will prevail, the power of music or the dark side of the show business?

Music by: Tonci Huljic

Author of the libretto: Miro Gavran

Lyrics by: Vjekoslava Huljic

Director: Igor Barberic

Dramaturge: Igor Weidlich

Music director: Filip Gjud

Production designer: Marta Crnobrnja

Costume designer: Slavica Motusic

Executive producer: Tadija Kolovrat

Actors: Hana Hegedušić (VALENTINA), Damir Kedžo (ROBERT), Hrvoje Foretić (LOVRO), Elena Brumini (MANDA), Sanja Crljen (ENA), Vesna Ravenšćak (NEDA), Zrinka Kušević (IVA), Jassna Luna Jozic (IRMA), Ivan Čuić (TONI), Fabijan Pavao Medvešek (IGOR).

Rest of the ensemble: Vedran Roljić, Stjepan Lach, Nikša Ovčina, Davor Lovrinić, Matej Mudrovčić, Bruna Oberan, Aleta Arbanas, Doris Teur, Manuela Svorcan, Gordana Marković, Dino Antonić

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