Your Every Birthday

Spanning six decades, this play explores the life of Marijan and his relationships with family and friends. It presents seven scenes, each during a milestone birthday, capturing the rapid aging of characters and the emotional rollercoaster of life.


Your Every Birthday starts in 1957, with the main character Marijan celebrating his tenth birthday, and ends in 2017 when he celebrates his seventieth birthday. During those sixty years, we meet his grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, sister and half-brother, and the friends and girlfriends who shape his destiny. We will see many main characters whose relationships change during the course of time, we will watch our characters grow up, have dreams, experience disappointment and find new reasons for going forward in life, even after big defeats.

The play is made up of seven scenes, and each scene takes place during Marijan’s birthday, every ten years, so in this play our characters age rapidly. This piece offers directors and actors the opportunity to create impressive roles and create an impressive play because the same actors play ten-year-old children, young men and women, middle-aged people, and then finally, old people. Along with the dramatic scenes, we are also given strong emotions, humorous moments, unexpected twists, nostalgic reminiscing of times gone by, and even a recapitulation of life, of sorts.

The audience travels on a life journey with the actors, leading each viewer to recapitulate one’s own life while watching this play.

Translated into English, German and Czech.

Download English text hereDownload Croatian text here

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