Set in 19th-century Venice, this romantic drama revolves around the love triangle involving two Austrian sisters and the English poet Lord Byron. Their love stories unfold amid political turmoil, showcasing the sublime nature of 19th-century romance and sensuality.


The story takes place in 1820 in Venice – in the heart of the story are two sisters in love with the same man, an English romantic, the poet Lord George Gordon Byron. Sisters Maria and Brigitte are Austrian, and their father is a general sent as a military commander to Venice, which was awarded the Austrian crown following the Napoleonic Wars. Venetians rebel against the imposed masters, and their rebellion is supported by Byron himself, making his emotional love story unfold against a background of strong social and political turmoil. Through this dynamic story full of unexpected twists, a dozen sympathetic heroes will be revealed to be involved in a complex of love's and life's unexpected pitfalls.

In a time averse to emotions, our heroes will experience the strongest sublime love, leading them into both dramatic and comical situations. The universal story of romantic and sensuous 19th-century Venice, which reflects Europe with heroes of different nations, embraced by powerful and noble music, masterful directing, and luxurious orchestration, will take us towards the unforgettable magic of theater.

Composer: Darko Domitrović

Librettist: Miro Gavran

Arranged by: Ante Gelo

Mentor: Vlado Štefančić

Director: Ivana Čoh

Conductor: Dinko Appelt

Scenographer: Stefano Katunar

Costume design: Elvira Ulip and Iva Šimunovic

Choreographer: Bojan Valentić

Lighting Design: Aleksandar Mondecar


Lord Byron, English poet: Ðani Stipaničev / Dražen Bratulić

BRIGITTE, older, married daughter of the Austrian General: Sandra Bagarić / Vlatko Burić Dujmović

MARIA, younger, unmarried daughter of the Austrian General: Renata Sabljak, Danijela Pintarić

GITA (Leonessa da Venezia), temptress from Venice: Nina Kaić Madić / Biba Novak / Mateja Majerle

FLETCHER, Byron's butler: Drazen Čuček / Ronald Žlabur

GENERAL General of the Austrian army: Adalbert Turner / Ervin Baučić

LUCRETIA, the owner of the hotel "Cupid": Mila Elegović / Jasna Bilušić

MONIKA, a waitress at "Cupid": Aleta Arbanas, Biba Novak

GIULIO, director of the Italian police: Nedim Prohić

TONI, Italian policeman: Ivan Magud

LUIGI, Italian policeman: Adnan Prohić

CLAUDIO, a member of the Italian Carbonara: Dragan Peka

PIETRO, a member of the Italian Carbonari: Boris Barberić

FLAVIO, a member of the Italian Carbonari: Matija Škvorc

Priest in the Armenian monastery: Nedim Prohić

Gondolier: Dario Došlić, Dragan Peka, Boris Barberić, Matija Škvorc

Orchestra, Choir, and Ballet Theatre Comedy

Stage manager: Zlatko Kelnerić

Prompter: Dorotea Krivec

Translated into English and Czech.

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