Night of The Gods

An exploration of mythology and modernity as gods interact with mortals, blending humor and profundity.


One evening on the tenth anniversary of their friendship and the first time they got drunk together, Louis XIV of France, his Jester, and the famous writer Molière come together to get drunk together again. In the middle of the fun, the King reveals to his friends that he has heard that the two of them play in a farce about him, in which they make a mockery of him. He forces them to play the farce for him. The farce pokes fun – to the point of grotesque – at Louis’s faults and mode of government, while the story focuses on an actress whom both Louis XIV and Molière had loved, but who had committed suicide when the King had tried to force her to become his mistress.

It has been translated into English, German, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, French, Italian, Albanian, Hindi, Polish, and Czech. It has had 23 premieres to date.

Download English text hereDownload Croatian text here

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