The Perfect Partner

Imagine creating the perfect man, but there's a catch – he's an android. In this comedy, a dissatisfied businesswoman enters a competition to win a man android named David. As they coexist, the power of music and the dark side of show business vie for dominance, leading to unexpected twists.


Imagine that someone creates the perfect man according to your instructions. He can be anything you want: tall, short, policeman, pilot, professor, worker, tall, short, thin, fat, bearded… He has only one drawback: he is an android! Young businesswoman Tina, dissatisfied with her long-term partner, enters the competition of scientist Barbara, who constructed the perfect man android that every woman dreams of. His name is David, and he is everything Tina wanted. What does their coexistence look like, is everything really perfect and what unusual situations await Tina find out in the hit-comedy “The Perfect Partner by Miro Gavran, the most performed Croatian theater writer in the country and abroad. Great cast and top directing – an unusual show for theater connoisseurs!

The play had 5 premieres. Translated into English, Slovak, Czech, and German.

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