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A Summer to Remember

In Miro Gavran's endearing children's book, twelve-year-old Ivo, who has never had a "girlfriend," becomes part of a heartwarming double love story.


The hero of Gavran’s new novel is twelve-year-old Ivo, who doesn’t have a “girlfriend.” His grandfather is a widower, and lives alone for years, devoting all his free time to his youngest grandson. What will happen when the grandfather falls in love with an attractive lady from Australia, and her granddaughter Hana soon enters the picture? – A double love story we could only have seen in the old romantic movies. At times, it will move you, and at others, make you laugh. It’s a romance novel you’ve not had in your hands until now, for all boys and girls, and their grandparents, too!

Four editions have been published in Croatian.

The book was awarded The Mato Lovrak prize for the best novel for children in 2016.

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