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Head Over Heels in Love

An eleven-year-old boy experiences his first crush, leading to a series of comical and misguided attempts to win her heart, including a daring runaway from home. The novel culminates in a heartwarming realization about the nature of love, complemented by a unique questionnaire to help young readers assess their own experiences of love.


The hero of this story is an eleven-year-old boy who falls in love for the very first time – with a girl in his class. In his efforts to win her, he does a lot of dumb things, even including running away from home. It is only towards the end of the novel that he understands how to gain the love of another human being. An unusual questionnaire is added to this book – TEST THE EXTENT TO WHICH LOVE HAS MADE YOU MISERABLE – with twelve questions for young readers to answer and find out if they are really in love or not. For several years now, this charming book has occupied one of the three leading places in popularity in Croatia’s children’s libraries.

TEST THE EXTENT TO WHICH LOVE HAS MADE YOU MISERABLE has gone through 20 editions in Croatian.

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