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How Dad Won Mum

In "How Dad Won Mum," a young boy tries to reunite his separated parents with the help of a girl he befriends. In "Hello, Love," a long-distance love story blossoms between a boy in Zagreb and a girl in London, leading to a romantic journey to meet in Paris.


In the first story, "How Dad Won Mum," the hero is a ten-year-old boy whose parents separate after a terrible argument. The boy goes with his mother to live with his ill-intentioned Grandma, missing his father terribly. With the help of a little girl whom he likes very much, he does everything he can think of to bring his Mum and Dad back together again.

In the second story, "Hello, Love," a boy and a girl meet at a New Year celebration and fall in love. The only problem is that he lives in Zagreb, while her home is 2000 kilometers away in London. Their love story unfolds over the phone and ends with their running away to meet in Paris – the City of Lovers.

Published in 17 editions in Croatian.

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