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A Few Birds and One Sky

A Few Birds and One Sky (2016) is a captivating story of love, literature, and life, following two writers, Franz Kafka and Max Brod, along with the women who shaped their destinies. It takes place in Prague, offering a glimpse into their complex relationships.


A train leaves the station in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 1917. Another departs Nova Gradiska in Croatia in 1987. The fate of the heroes in them is related in an unusual way.

We follow a double love story and the dramatic events in Herzegovina during World War I, when Brother Didak Buntić started a rescue mission for starving children. Parallel to this, we get to know a young man whose life begins to fall apart in the 1980s and ’90s, when his dreams and reality intertwine. Before you is a story of deep suspicion and true faith that will not leave you indifferent. The story is set in the Austrian city of Innsbruck, the Croatian cities of Zagreb, Vinkovci, and Nova Gradiska and in the Bosnian–Herzegovinian towns of Medjugorje, Mostar, and Sarajevo.

Perhaps this novel will also answer the question of why Miro Gavran, whose work has been translated into 42 languages, is the most translated Croatian writer to date. The seductive quality of his ascetic storytelling knows no redundancies and is not ashamed of powerful emotion.

The novel went through four editions in the Croatian language.

Translated into English and Albanian.

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