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How We Broke Our Legs

How We Broke Our Legs is a witty and joyous family chronicle, spanning from 1951 to 1992, where a peculiar curse afflicts the male family members. It combines humor, description of small episodes, and the joy of life.


This novel is the witty chronicle of an unusual Croatian family in the period from 1951 until 1992. For decades, the family has been under a strange curse that leads to all the male members of the family literally breaking a leg when they meet the love of their lives. The story is told in a leisurely style with a description of a host of small episodes that link the family into a close unit. The characters moving in and out of the pages are very likeable. Joy of life oozes from every page. This is a book both for the casual reader and for literary connoisseurs.

Has gone through six editions in Croatian.

Translated and published in English, Albanian, and Chinese.

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