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John the Baptist

John the Baptist (2002) is set in Galilee and Judea during a time of political and religious turmoil. It follows two young men, Elisha and Bileam, and the enigmatic Salome, with an unexpected appearance by Jesus Christ.


This novel is set in the first century AD, largely in the region of Galilee and Judea, and partly in ancient Rome, at a time of tumultuous political and religious ferment. The main characters in the story are two young men, Elisha and Bileam, and the young femme fatale, Salome. Their lives all change in various ways once they meet John the Baptist.

This intriguing novel is permeated with strong emotion, passion, and rapture. Jesus Christ appears as one of the characters in the tale.

John the Baptist has been published in Croatia in eight editions.

Translated and published in English, Spanish, and German.

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