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Portrait of a Soul

Portrait of a Soul (2023) is a compelling novel that explores the intricate web of human emotions and connections, weaving together the lives of seven women and a painter named Benjamin. The narrative spans various literary forms and unveils the vulnerability of its protagonists.


In this emotional novel, the plot revolves around seven women. A painter Benjamin is in the life of each of them. The narrative is developed in a variety of literature and non-literature types (story, letter, screenplay, email correspondence, wartime report, and memoirs). Despite its very unusual structure, the author builds a strong and intriguing fable leading readers through the abundance of realistic life situations where we meet the novel’s vulnerable protagonists. The plot takes place between 1960 and 2020.

This novel was published in October 2023. The publisher is Mozaik knjiga from Zagreb.

The novel has been translated into English by Martin Mayhew. The publisher is ITG digitalni tisak.

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